Monday, July 27, 2009

You and STRESS

Stress results when one cannot respond appropriately or when there is a failure to adapt to a new situation. In human terms, stress is when we get sick or sore.

The conscious feeling of stress is only evident when you are approaching your limit. It results when your body has compensated and changed as much as it can. Feeling sick or sore is an obvious sign that your body has reached it's limit and it needs some help.

Luckily we have a way to help the body cope with stress better. By restoring proper function and releasing tension, chiropractic offers:

  • better sleep and more effective relaxation meaning better regeneration
  • an increase brain function to improve concentration
  • a boost your immune system
  • the incraesed flexibility of your spine and other joints
  • improved emotional wellbeing
  • an ability to increase your productivity
  • a better adaptive stress response

I often hear people say, "But I'm not stressed". You do not need to feel stressed to be stressed.

Many levels of modern day stresses may include working long hours, financial stress, exams, emotional/relationship stress, inadequate rest, medications, frequently sick, poor diet, running a busy household or looking after unwell family members.

Some symptoms of stress include:

  • poor sleep
  • often sick or sore
  • craving foods high in salt, fat and sugar
  • reaching for alcohol and caffeine
  • anxiety
  • muscle tension - especially in the jaws and shoulders
  • forgetful, poor attention span and harder to concentrate
  • digestive issues and weight fluctuations

Prolonged exposure to stress overworks and depletes our ability to handle it and our ability to recover. It can also become a 'habit' for the body, persisting even when the original stressful concern has passed. See blog on 'Adrenal Fatigue'.

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